Monday, March 12, 2007

Long Term Planning

I'm still torn between Writing Strands and Classical Writing. Or maybe we'll use both? Or maybe something different? Maybe a different program for each child? We'll see when we get there.

    Rhetoric-Stage History
  • History of the Ancient World and the rest of the series when it comes out
  • corresponding source documents & literature
  • ??? who knows, that is so far away!

  • Singapore's MPH Science series - K through 4th
  • chronological study of famous scientists and their work/discoveries as they occur in history - 5th through 8th
  • formal laboratory science classes either at the JC or at home (again, that's so far away!) - 9th through 12th

    Foreign Languages
  • Latin, curriculum TBD - 4th through waning interest
  • Spanish, French, and/or other Modern Languages - 6th through 12th
  • Greek, curriculum TBD - 9th through waning interest

Music & Art Appreciation
Still not sure where we're going with this except for a chronological study of composers and artists as they tie into history, and hopefully some practial music and art lessons as well (piano, violin, drawing, sculpting, whatever)

Social Studies, etc
No need to plan for any of these as they will occur naturally in our study of history and of life.

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